Fixing orphaned users

Fixing orphaned users

Whenever I restore a production database to a development server, I often end up with orphaned users. You can see in the screen shot below that username matt has no login associated with it. An account becomes orphaned when there is a user account with security rights in the database that is not linked to [Keep reading…]

Creating a new template

Today I am continuing from my introduction to SSMS Template Explorer.  Part 2 today is a quick look at creating your own templates.  I mentioned in the previous post that if you delete one of the Microsoft provided templates, it will be recreated when you next launch SSMS.  Another thing of note: if you make [Keep reading…]

Applied SQL: sys.sql_modules

Jen McCown from started a useful (to me anyways) set of homework assignments called Applied SQL.  Each post has a homework assignment for us.  This first one has been useful to me in order to make myself read Books Online and understand where information comes from, rather than just running a script when I [Keep reading…]

Applied SQL: sys.objects

System tables have lots of interesting and useful information stored on all facets of SQL server.  Generally speaking, whenever I find a script that shows useful information, I store that script away for future use.  I then run the script whenever I need the information without really thinking about it.  Jen McCown from started [Keep reading…]