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Pittsburgh SQL Saturday 2013

2013-07-16_0047Preparations are well under way for this year’s Pittsburgh SQL Saturday. If you’ve never heard of or been to SQL Saturday, it is well worth the time. It is an all day, FREE training/technical conference devoted to Microsoft SQL Server. (there is a $10 charge to help offset the cost for lunch)
This year’s Pittsburgh event is going to be held at ITT Tech in Robinson Township on September 14. You can see the details of the event here:

If you’re interested in attending, sign up now as seating is limited.
If you’re interested in speaking, please fill out the speaker registration form now. The call for speakers deadline is June 22.

I am helping to plan the event again this year, and coordinating the speaker schedule for the day. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to get in touch. And I hope to see you in September!

SQL Saturday Pittsburgh

Wow, somehow I managed to not post anything here for 6 months!  I started a new job since then, which has kept me really busy, and I did not make the time for posting anything on my blog.


The big news is that Pittsburgh’s SQL Satuday is this Saturday October 6 at La Roche in the north hills of Pittsburgh.  I have been organizing the schedule for the event, which is now posted on the SQL Saturday site. Check it out, and make sure you get registered to attend.  There’s a great mix of local and out of town speakers, and some great topics that will be presented.

Let me know if you have any questions, and hope to see you on Saturday!


Just a quick funny for today.

For my daily to do list, I generally work off of a half sheet of paper on my desk.  I keep a running list and it feels good to physically scratch a done item off.  This morning I added to my list: “Update SSMS tools on <server name removed to protect the innocent>“.

The only thing is that I started writing UPDATE in all capital letters as if I were writing an SQL query.  But then I got part way through the word “update” and realized that I did not need to use all uppercase on my to do list.

so I ended up with: “UPDate SSMS on <server name>

I guess I’m an sql geek.